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Better Together is the second kids worship EP from TFH Kids. Our heart is to create fun, yet powerful songs that the whole family will enjoy. Every one is created to Worship God, and we love seeing our kids experience and live in this reality! We've written these songs for our kids in our local Church but we hope that your kids and families will love them too.

Lyric Videos

These lyric videos will take your home or Church Worship experience to the next level! Press play and watch these videos engage kids and adults as they sing and dance along to the TFH Kids Worship EP.


1. Better Together

[Verse 1]
Here we stand
Hand in hand
With our eyes lifted high
Our hearts are aligned
We want to see new things
From the King of Kings

[Verse 2]
We’re gonna sing
Praises to our King
With our song lifted high
Our voices unite
We want to hear new things from the king of kings

So wont you come now come now
Come on we’re waiting on you
Call out call out
Our ears are open wide
We dance now dance now
To the rhythm of your heart Jesus

You are here and we believe that, You are here

2. Shout Your Name

You told me to Go, Go, Go
Tell everyone I Know, Know, Know
About your Love so
So amazing
Your love lifts me high, high, high
Now I can touch the sky, sky, sky
I’ll yell it from the heights
You’re so amazing

[Pre Chorus]
I will not be quiet
I will not be quiet

So I will shout Your name
Until the whole wide world is saved
I will dance and praise
Until the end of my days
I will shout out your name (HEY)

[Verse 2]
How could it be be be
You love me me me
I want the whole world to see
You’re so amazing
You paid the price price price
You gave your life life life
As a sacrifice
You’re so amazing

I will not be quiet
I will not be quiet
I can never hide it
I can never hide it

3. I Want To Hear You

I want to hear You
I want to see You
I want to feel You
Standing next to me

[Verse 1]
I don’t want to play the guessing game
Of where You are and where You’re not
I wanna get caught up in everything You are
Mesmerized and in awe

[Verse 2]
God, You know You take my breath away
Every time You’re in the room
Lead me straight to the place where You are found
Cause there is nothing I won’t do

To really know Your thoughts, to really hear Your voice speaking over me
To really touch Your hand, to really see Your face smiling over me

4. Created

[Verse 1]
You, You, You created
The earth and the sky
The day and the night
You, You, You created
The birds in the sky
They fly so high

And you created me
To play my music for You , play my music for You
I will shout and sing
And play my music for You, play my music for You

[Verse 2]
You, You, You created
The fish in the sea
The flowers the trees
You, You, You created
The galaxy
Oh You Made Me

Gonna play my music (list play music, dance, shout)
Gonna play my music
Gonna play my music

5. I Love You

You’re bigger than all my fears
You’re braver than all my tears
Jesus you’re always here
You’re always here
You opened my eyes to see
You made me your family
You say you’ll never leave
You’ll never leave me

I love you J-E-E-SUS
You love me
There’s nobody else like You

You made me
You saved me
You healed my broken heart
I'll follow
Where you lead me
Make me as you are

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Better Together Album cover
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